WordPress to Static

Just updated this site to a static version. I vaguely administer a few aging WordPress sites, which are annoyingly high maintenance (that is a lie, they require maintenance, and occasionally get hacked which is not fun at all) and I don’t get paid for this. With some time free this January I dipped back into the world of websites, and did a recce on publishing static sites.

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Transgenic spidergoats, psychedelic plankton and 70’s turtlenecks all at the RI channel

As a long time TED fan I was really pleased to discover that  The Royal Institution have developed the RI channel, a new video platform, for both their own and others’ popular science videos and lectures.

Although still in Beta at the moment, it is beautifully designed, with high quality videos, and content is being added regularly.

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Triffid gets WordPress’d

Welcome to the new triffid.org site. I’m very excited to rationalise a site that has suffered with age and become rather raggedy. It’s been pointed out to me by friends however, that there lay some of triffid’s charm, so I’m hoping to re-instate the silly along with the rather shinier, streamlined design. There are lots … Read more

No more FTP Blogger – I’ll be off then..

Woe, Blogger, woe. Very disappointed to see that you have decided to discontinue the FTP, static publishing option that I have used for, 11, yes 11 years. I’ve been there from the start. I even gave you money for ‘Pro’ before Google bought you. I got a hoodie as a thank you. I did wonder … Read more