Albuquerque to Brighton

Here’s a few photos before I left Albuquerque, and a handful of Brighton and British living. I am already a bit nostalgic for my dusty desert life. These pictures are some of the things I’ll miss. The weirdness, the colours, my MMA family, the bosque (a strip of cottonwood forests along the Rio Grande) and maybe even the mean old pitbulls behind chainlink fences.

I’ll be in Brighton now for a while. Hello seaside. It’s fun here; many people doing many things, and the bakeries are so very, very good. I had a cinnamon roll from Gails last week that I can’t stop thinking about.

I have just picked up a lot of colour film, assorted brands and speeds, so perhaps I will be a bit more active in that department.

I see very clearly the lovely in places that are new to me. I hope I can make use of that window of time to create some images that communicate that love.